Update from the Whorehouse

"Resting Maiden", probably a portrait of Marie-Louise O'Murphy,


My dearest darling,

It appears things will change here at the Whorehouse with immediate effect from 1st October, due to a new sheriff having ridden into town.  He’s issued a new law, outlawing all sex houses in the region.  Well, that’s sent the Madame into a right spin.  So from the 1st October, we started operating as a Masseuse House, offering gentleman callers a massage, given by female masseuses, with the option of themed or selected outfits and the option of extra treatments for selected clients (such as yourself) at an extra cost.  Hopefully, making the establishment legal and in accordance with the new laws.
My Spanish Lilt has been back again for servicing and now leaves port for a good few months.  Madame has taken up with the affections of a roguish Captain, I will admit he’s quite easy on the ear and quite a piece of eye candy, but then again my sweet, my ears and my eyes yearn to see you again, as nobody has stolen my affections and my heart quite like you have done.
It doesn’t matter who I’m with, I just go through the motions, I’ve become very mechanical now, the act means nothing to me, only you now will bring my body back to life, as your eyes dance over my body, you breath will bring about the passion that now lays dormant deep inside me, your kisses will kick start my heart, whilst your embrace gently stirs the emotions.
Oh my sweet dear boy, I had the strangest of dreams last night, and it was all about you, my darling.
The dream went as:-
Having arrived back in port you paid a visit to the house, instead of me taking you into the bath tub and washing you, to took me and washed me, and then we both washed each other, you wrapped me in the biggest fluffy towel and dried me down, as I did you, and we talked for ages, drinking the best house champagne that you had ordered.   But it was the following conversation that was really strange, when you dropped your towel, taking my hands and guided them to that precious tool of yours and said;
“Its not about this anymore, but it’s now about this” moving them from your lower region up towards your left breast, and please my hands on your chest, and lightly tapped your heartbeat out on my hand, and followed it with;
“It’s because about what I feel for you inside, I don’t want to fuck you any more” you told me, then I dropped my head in disappointment, where you placed your hand on my chin and pulled my face up towards your eyes, and continued saying;
“I want to make love to you, I want to hold you in my arms, I want to kiss you’re soft edible lips, god, I look forward to seeing and hearing from you.
Please don’t send me away ‘Ella.
Oh well, back to the grindstone for now, my love.
Your Wench in waiting

Greetings from the Whorehouse

Sadly Madame is very annoyed with me having peeved off one of her best paying Clients (yourself).  It appears that you have been sorely missed these nine weeks.  As a result of my inappropriate behaviour towards yourself, I have now lost my privileged status, reduced to servicing the common low life’s that pass our doors. I really wish that there was some way that you could communicate with the Madame, just to let her know that you’re neither angry or annoyed, and most importantly have forgiven this endearing ragamuffin charlatan.

Oh my sweet dear boy,  my dreams are haunted with deep desires of longing for you, to once again wash you in my fireside tub and watch that roaring open turf fire, to coax my wicked bad boy with my mouth as you caress my cascading hair in your firm and strong hands, before you take to running them down my wanton body and across my heaving bosom, as your lips delicately pass over my skin, until you taken it upon yourself to  tie my wrists to the brass bed stand, and use me as you will, only to finish by parting my legs wide and go on a hunting expedition for the hidden reservoir before you unleash your might upon my body, knowing that you will ascend heights that no other women is able to help you achieve.
Oh my darling Emeer, it’s not just your fine embodiment that’s absent, but also those charming, arousing and stimulating confabulation, but also that intelligent acumen that’s missing from my life and my heart, these rambling eejits that surround my day are driving me insane, oh now I yearn for an intelligent mind, to converse on the wonders of Conrad, Forester, Marryat and finally O’Brian, whom but to few a mention.  I constantly keep trying to educate these low life’s, but they tell me I talk to posh, or that I have too many airs and graces, or even ruder comments such as; shut up and fuck me bitch.  Oh my sweet, I can’t tell you how much I wish your ship would sail back into this port and put me back into the good grace of Madame.  She will not even look or speak to me these days.
The other week a new Client arrived, asking for me, I thought I had been given a reprieve, I nearly fainted in shock, I believed it to be you, until he spoke, he didn’t have your beautiful brogue, but spoke with a Spanish lilt, but he was the spitting image of your Adonis face. Anyway, Madame was insisting that another woman service his needs, but he was insistent. Once in my room, he called me by your pet name, asking him how he knew that, he told me he had sailed with you some six months ago, and that you had told him of this house and of my reputation, he gave his piece’s of eight coin to say that he would return again to me, and me alone, he was very good to me and I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart my sweet.
It was so nice to  be treated like a lady again, the first time in nearly ten weeks, but as nice and well mannered as he was, sadly he wasn’t a patch on yourself, please don’t get me wrong my love, I am thankful to you, but I miss you so much, I’ve tried everything to rid you from my mind, even visited the olde Crone and drank her strange and weird potions, when that didn’t work visited the local witch doctor, but with so much sorrow I am unable to rid my thoughts of you, and it doesn’t help that you constantly invade my nightly dreams, I see your vivid eyes seeing through me, feel your hair, feel your kisses upon my skin, my divine beautiful boy, I pray so hard every night that I will hear from you again, that small bit of hope helps me get through these miserable days.
Oh well, I must dally no longer, my 2pm Client has arrived, time to spread one’s legs.
Love you my dearest
Your wild and wanton Wench
Dardenella xx


Oh, sweet Dardanella
I love your harem eyes
I’m a lucky fellow to capture such a prize
Nobody knows my love for you
And he tells you to be true, Dardanella
Oh, hear my sigh, my oriental
Oh, sweet Dardanella, prepare the wedding wine
There’ll be one girl in my harem, when you’re mine
We’ll build a tent
Just like the children of the orient
Oh, sweet Dardanella
My star of love divine
Down beside the Dardanella Bay
Where oriental breezes play
There lives a lonesome maid
By the Dardanelle’s with glowing eyes
She looks across the seas and sighs
And weaves her love spell so sirenian
Soon I shall return
I will ask for her heart and hand
Oh, sweet Dardanella
I love your harem eyes
I’m a lucky fellow to capture such a prize
Nobody knows my love for you
And he tells you to be true, Dardanella
Oh, hear my sigh, my oriental
Oh, sweet Dardanella, prepare the wedding wine
There’ll be one girl in my harem, when you’re mine
We’ll build a tent
Just like the children of the orient


Continuing Book updates.

Hello all,

Further to my late email, I am pleased to announce that my Facebook page has been re-activated, due to the amount of email requests from you all. Thank you for advising me that you find that page more informative than the WordPress site. However, in the New Year, I will attempt to address the issues of keeping them both up to date.

Due to the success of “Tales from the Closet” translated into the Cyrillic based language, the book is now, globally accessible, and I have now been advised that it’s been translated into other languages, in time for the New Year. Also, I am pleased to announce that the second book is now currently in discussion for the same treatment.

Last month, I was also pleased to launch “The Complete Tales of the Closet” which is the four books, (Tales from the Closet, More Tales from The Closet, Other Tales from the Closet and Tales from the Sea) rolled up into one book, thereby giving the reader the option of one or four books.

The released of “Dark Tales from the Closet” has now been axed, having done research, I didn’t like the areas that my research was taking me, therefore, the idea and stories have been pulled for the present time. Therefore, I shall be continuing full steam ahead with The Student and The Professor, which is currently still in draft stage, hopefully released middle of next year.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to once again, thank you for all your continuing support.

Look after yourselves and please, of course, keep reading.

Yours Prudence.

Books available direct from the Author.

The following PRUDENCE CAMELLIERI’s books are now available direct from the author in PDF format.

To pay Prudence Camellieri, please enter the following name  “prucamellieri@gmail” to paypal.  Once payment has been received then an email will be sent with the relevant attached PDF.


Tales from the Closet    PDF £2.49

content-4589382-DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL PDF £2.49

BookCoverPreview PDF £2.49

Tales_from_the_Sea_Cover_for_Kindle PDF £2.49

And the Complete Collection

The_Complete_Tales_Cover_for_Kindle PDF £4.99

New Book – The Complete Tales


The Complete Tales is the collection of four volumes comprising of Tales from the Closet (2012), More Tales from the Closet (2013), Other Tales from the Closet (2014) and additionally Tales from the Sea (2014). Including two longer erotic stories entitled A Woman’s Fantasy and Captive At Sea.

Available from Amazon in paperback for £9.99 or for download to Kindle for £2.99

The Complete Tales is the complete Closet series and the Tales from the Sea

Tales from the Closetcontent-4589382-DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILBookCoverPreviewTales_from_the_Sea_Cover_for_Kindle


New Book – Tales from The Sea



Four short erotic stories entitled “The Chief’s Submissive, Mischief with the Captain, An Afternoon Encounter and finally, a longer short story entitled Captive at Sea, all based on true stories or encountered experiences from the chair of Prudence Camellieri.

Now available from Amazon in paperback for £4.99 or alternatively for Kindle at £2.64